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          Dalat cuisine- a land is blessed with fresh air, cool all year, natural natural scenery with many beautiful landscapes and thousands of colorful flowers is always attractive destination for tourists. In additional, diverse cuisine with many delicious dishes that are typical of mountain town is also a strength of Da Lat tourism.


          Coming to any country,visitors might have to find and enjoy the traditional food of that region. Cuisine is an integral part of tourism, is featured culture of each region. For Vietnam, many dishes have become specialties, made an impact about an area such as beef noodle soup, mussel rice of Hue, “cao lau” noodle of Hoi An,rolls noodle of Ha Noi,...


           Dalat cuisine is not only the demand for food but also brought in a lot of cultures, from traditional to modern, has a lot identities of natives.


           With "smokeless industry" today, cuisine is regarded as one of the factors attracting tourists and making them to remember and come again.Cuisine has a very strong impact to tourism and have an increasingly important role, in future, because visitors always appreciated health factors, qualifications of enjoying increasingly. Da Lat, with particular famous temperate lands, has abundant potential food source that attracts millions of tourists to visit and rested and among them, many people nostalgic for Dalat dishes.


           Pizza Dalat (baked roll)

        If themixed girdle cake is typical of Tay Ninh land, people will remember to baked rollwhen prompted to Dalat. In the chilly air of the beautiful city of dreaming Highland, the hot crispy girdle cake has complex fragrance with the tasty, greasy that always attractive irresistible to any customers


            Called "Dalat pizza", the material of baked roll has many similarities with Italian pizza dishes such as cheese, eggs, dried beef, mayonnaise, sausages, minced meat, chicken , green onions,…However, the cake is a traditional Vietnamese the rice paper makes both familiar and marvelous cuisine, served with spicy chili sauce create harmonious taste and very attractive.




             Da Lat cuisine that the traveler enjoy, they loved to enjoy hot soy milk. In addition to coffee, hot cup of soy milk is the drink rustic, familiar in the way of life of many people in the city of fog. Soy milk is very frugal, greasy, tasty that is very good for health.Moreover, the material is made from soy milk is rustic that make  the price is  very cheap (one glass of soy milk is only from 7,000 to 10,000 VND) so people are very popular this drink.



            When you enjoy hot soy milk you should use with some cake. Dalat cold weather makes the taste of soy milk cups warm and fragrant cake becomes particularly attractive.


            Vietnanese meatballBread


            Certainly, any visitor who has ever come to Dalat are no stranger to the famous Vietnanese meatball bread.Vietnanese meatball Bread is  aromatic, delicious, made from lean minced meat, marinated onions, garlic, pepper. Bread has always been placed on the a small charcoal stove to keep the crispy, warm, fragrant. OneVietnanese meatball Bread  dishes consits of several meatball and a few slices of pigskin, the sauce sprinkle with green onions, served with cell papaya, herbs. This is a great dish in Da Lat air so you can easily find this dish in the little shops along the slopes or the school gate, ...


             Dalat cuisine - grills diversity

            One other special food not to be missed when visiting Dalat is grills. Probably, grills is perfect for enjoying in the chilly air, the mist of the mountain town.Dalat grill is quite diverse: from beef, pork, chicken, sausage, eggs, beef rolls guise leaves to grilled vegetables like okra, peppers or frugal grills from sweet potatoes, corn,...All grills are available at night markets or around Xuan Huong Lake. The price is also quite cheap, suitable for experience.



             Dalat is a land of many residents from many regions of the country, Da Lat has the advantage of a variety of dishes from all three areas North - Central – South. But the prominent is still the flavor dishes of Central such as Quang  noodle, Hue beef noodle soup, Phan Rang fish cakes soup, baked rolls ...Specialty dishes, under the hands of the chef becomes more popular, suitable to the taste of the majority of visitors, serve the flavors of all three regions. And in the cold air of the mountain town, visitors enjoy fooddelicious and attractive.

              Dalat Hotel is an ideal stopover and safe for all travelers. Coming to visit the city to enjoy the atmosphere, admire the flowers and all the landscapes, enjoy the special food culture of this place. Víitor can refer to the to get more information.