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I - Hotel Da Lat honoring Vietnamese women


            Annually, in Vietnam we held celebrations to honor Vietnamese women on holidays 20 October. On this holidays, everyone is looking for many ways to express his or her interest, gratitude to honor the beauty of the Vietnamese woman's soul through the flowers, the colorful greeting cards with emotional and sweet congratulatory words in the party with relatives, friends.

            I Hotel Dalat 20 -10 -Honoring Vietnamese womenis not only have greeting cards, greetings or party but also help you express your gratitude by coordinating with you to visit the resort for feeling new and amazing experiences.

            Referring to this, women will want to find a peaceful place and not least the romance, the sweetness in the poetic and airy atmosphere.Travelers do not have to go far to find the ideal vacation destinations in this holidays because Dalat is the the first and best choice.

            Dalat is also the meeting place of many couples who are in love, or the newlyweds who want to enjoy their honeymoon. The poetic scenery of Da Lat have highlighted the pure beauty, fullness of their love. They exchanged happy kisses, warm hugs in the cool of the early morning mist mixed with the warmth of dawn sunlight in the presence of the mountains, of a thousand colorful flowers.

            In the morning, visitors can stroll around the lake shore of Xuan Huong to exercise in the morning light, mixing withthis land of fog and watching the colorful flower gardens in Da Lat when they enjoy a warm cup of coffee.

             I Hotel Dalat 20 -10 -Honoring Vietnamese women  is the destination where visitors can visit and enjoy the food, specialty drinks and unique customs of the ethnic minorities. In particular, there have the unique souvenirs for visitors use as gifts for relatives, friends.

            At night, Dalat became strange to visitors, the cool mist pervades the space that makes visitors only want to go around Da Lat and forgot the way to come back.

            But the first thing that visitors worry about when they come to Da Lat is where they can stop to choose the ideal location for travel convenient. In order not to bother about that, visitors should come to I- hotel Dalat- the quiet, warm, modern hotel.  They can make a reservation by phone 0997 222 666 - 0633.50.2222.

            I Hotel Dalat 20 -10 -Honoring Vietnamese women  is the 2 star hotel and located in the center of city that convenient for shopping, dining for visistors. It takes just 5 minutes for visitors to go to market and go shopping in night market , just 10 minutes to sipping coffee on the roadside of the lake. Moreover, visitors can come right Lien Khuong airport just 30 minutes.The hotel has 32 luxury rooms with simple ,elegant, subtle architecture create a sense of comfort for the user.

         I Hotel Dalat 20 -10 -Honoring Vietnamese womeninclude 3 types of rooms: double room, double VIP room, single room.

            I Hotel Dalat 20 -10 -Honoring Vietnamese women  has variety of facilities and services to offer our customers the highest satisfaction: minibar, high speed kettle, cable TV, hair dryer, electric fan, hot showers, refrigerator , complimentary mineral water in room and complimentary atiso tea in the lobby.The hotel also has laundry facilities and motorbike rental. The receptionist is always happy to advise entertainment places and tours for visitors.

           Especially I- hotel has red invoice (VAT 10%).

           Be quick to book your reservation today to enjoy special preferential policies only for the first 50 visitors have successfully implemented booking.

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